A Fun Exercise for Finding Love

When you are dealing with challenges and obstacles in life, I would suggest a simple and fun exercise for releasing the anxiety and getting new insight. Spend some time visualizing a new life.

Put on some great daydreaming music and go for a walk or push back in your favorite chair (not a dosing off position) and project yourself in different scenarios in the dreams. See yourself walking among people who are smiling, cheering, and talking to you. When you start to relax and enjoy the interaction, take a look at who-you-are in the dream. What kind of person is everybody cheering? Now be that person in life.

Each day you can preview your opportunity for connecting and realizing how important you are, and you can build awareness for things you can do in your daily life that will make a difference to others. Often, these are simple things like listening without judging, acknowledging another person in the same ways you would like to be acknowledged, and encouraging strength. This is not giving to get. It is training you to see the beauty that is in the world and acknowledging it. You will feel less alone. You will feel gifted with insight. And you will know how to make a difference.

My guess is you will see yourself walking in love, looking into people’s faces and truly caring, listening to their stories and sharing yours, and delivering a word of encouragement when needed.

Many times we discount the love of the many because we want the love of one person. But the kind of love that binds us together as ONE and helps us know that we are not alone is experienced more often through loving the many.  When you want to feel rich, love the many. And you will find a rich source of love, replenishable and rewarding.

Thoughts on Enlightenment

Interesting word, enlightenment. It begs forgiveness for past inadequacies and hints that there is “more” or “better” when there is only “different.” What enlightens or lightens the load is the letting go of the past and entering a new time where we start again and realize our goals relative to new abilities and awareness.

Venture Capital New Age Style

Years ago I dreamed of starting an organization that could fund the dreams of new entrepreneurs. The funders and the innovators would be ordinary people coming together to bring a good idea into being. The catalyst for this was a web site that would connect everyone.

I found a non-profit organization called Charity Navigator that offered one model where I could set up a donation page and designate which charities I was “sponsoring” that month. My email list would then be encouraged to log onto my page monthly and donate to these charities with one transaction. Easy and efficient. But it wasn’t quite right. First, most of the charities that provided startup capital to individuals were set up to help people in other countries. Secondly, the people I kept seeing in my visions were everyday entrepreneurs who would not think to look for charity. Their mindset was around venture capital. And it was clear a web site was needed to provide a link between the idea people and the venture capitalist.

A sewing machine for a new designer, tuition for a minister or graphic artist or physicians assistant, a ice cream truck or computer or camera equipment for an entrepreneur, these were the pictures in my mind. And there was one twist. These venture capitalists would donate to a startup enterprise without rights to ownership and without a tax deduction. These would be gifts by everyday people who just wanted to support another person’s dream with $10, 25, 50, 250, or more contributions. The web site would offer video introductions to venture capital opportunities and keep everyone up to date with the fundraising status.  It was so simple.

The web site felt like a daunting task for a non-techie with projects already on the table. Luckily, I didn’t spend much time doing this because someone else with the same exact vision did. The company is called Kickstarter. I hope you will take a minute to jump over to their site and check them out. They did exactly what I envisioned. How wonderful was that and with no effort on my part! But now I do want to play a part. I want to introduce as many people as possible to this opportunity. BTW, I am not affiliated with Kickstarter in any way and will not profit from your participation. I am just an enthusiast.

Donating is not about giving so you can get something in return, like funding for your venture. It is about realizing that as a collective we are innovators, entrepreneurs, visionaries, builders, workers, financiers, teachers, and caretakers who need each other to prosper and live. But now we can all participate as financiers for the ones who are ready with a product or an idea. Now virtually anyone become a new age venture capitalist–a funder of dreams.

In the New Paradigm, more importance is placed on equal valuation and equal opportunity replacing hierarchy as the structure through which we collectively create. And KICKSTARTER is a way we can make that happen. I encourage you join with many others as we make dreams come true. Sign up now before you get busy and forget. And, if you sign up for their Twitter feed, you will receive notifications of new and updated projects daily.

See you on Kickstarter.

Blog: Kickstarter 2011 Year In Review




Major Global Events: Alaska and Brazil


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video di pradise nudePure18 12 04 21 Lily Carter And Karina White Precious Moment XXX 1080p MP4 KTR Today I was asked to open the world map. This is usually the prerequisite to a message about an upcoming event that affects some part of the globe. Today’s message was about Alaska and Brazil.


There will be some kind of sizable seismic event in the area of the Gulf of Alaska that will impact Alaska and Canada significantly. Originally I was seeing a volcanic eruption but then was taken to the Gulf area where there is also an event.

Brazil has two such events: one politically oriented and one related to the rain forest. I feel the rain forest has just taken a major hit in that Brazil is allowing more deforestation to occur on behalf of foreign commercial interests. The other is a political uprising relative to this new deal. This deal will significantly change the water dynamics in Brazil making it more scarce for rural inhabitants.

Today’s Meditation: TURN ON THE LIGHT





When I sit in meditation, I often open to receive insights and information rather than directing the session with my own questions. This feels like the most effective way to address my concerns and receive insights around what I am creating.


Today four insights came as soon as I sat down…

Use Simple Language.

Turn on the Light.

It’s Okay to Charge Money.

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These insights seem vague on the surface, but I knew exactly what they were speaking to. I felt a sigh of relief as the insight entered my field of consciousness and gratitude for the connection that brought such thoughtful and condensed awareness for the conundrums of my life. These were simple ways to understand what is necessary for me to do at this time to bring the result I am looking for.

As I sat in the gratitude, which often feels like a light that is flowing into me and a great love that is being shared, precise pictures of what is possible started to form. I saw the next step and felt my receptivity for it. And then a boundless enthusiasm poured forth and I was on board. I was already envisioning how this would be created. YES!

There is a peace that allows the shoulders to fall and the heartbeat to calm as a knowing injects itself into life. The moment of the epiphany is pure bliss and I felt set free to act in accordance with all that landed in my heart in the moment I let go and just received. The real peace is in knowing that our answers are really not that far away.

I say my closing prayer and begin my day.

Love to you all.

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Hi all,

I am starting a global action to spread joy this season. It starts with a small action that each of us can take and ends with hitting the SEND button.

I call it RETIRE A DEBT.

If there is someone who owes you money, a favor, an apology, retribution, or an action that they really do not want to take, contact them and set them free. Let them know that you are gifting them with the retirement of the obligation or promise or opportunity.

As you set them free, you also set yourself free. Debt is the thing that holds our focus in the past and keeps us from moving forward. So start the chain of events that will lead to more freedom expressed and more freedom realized by forwarding this CALL TO ACTION to your friends. And take a minute to share the action you contributed to this season of giving by Commenting on this post.  Or just Like this post.

Retire one story that makes someone else uncomfortable. Retire one financial obligation that is a burden to someone else. Retire one desire for retribution or apology for a past indifference. Retire as much as you want, but retire at least one debt and let that person know you are doing it.

It occurs to me if we all do this, we can spread a lot of cheer this season. What a powerful and loving gift.

Blessings and love,I hope you will take this opportunity to ask your friends to join us. Please forward this global action for freedom to your list and be a part of making peace and love a part of the new world we are building together. Make 2012 the year you retire a debt.

Red Cameron




Today I will experience myself as…

…unable to bend

…willing to bend




Every day I have one thing I must get clear on before I approach the day, I have to know who I intend to be that day. This brings me clarity of purpose, ease in making decisions, and arms me with an indelible truth about who I am that erases the barriers to creating.

Each day I start out knowing who I intend to be, I have a foot up on the day. I feel freer and more willing to take chances. This practice gives me what I am looking for, comfort and peace and a little more knowing for what is ahead. And I only have to focus on today. Tomorrow is another day.

So the practice starts in the morning when I sit with my pen poised above a pad of paper and wait. I listen for the words that appear in my mind. I start with, Today I will experience myself as… AND THEN I LISTEN. Soon it appears: unable to bend, willing to bend, bending, blending. 

Yes, I know these are verbs, but they are verbs that describe the action of a person that is open for change, willing to change, experiencing change, and incorporating change. And that feels powerful.

Each day four items show up in my mind that tell me what this day has to offer me. For me to experience happiness and fulfillment, all I have to do is remember who I have planned to be that day, and act accordingly. The next day I get to start over with 4 new insights.

We are not here to have a life absent of challenge, so the presence of challenge in our lives does not mean we are broken. It only means we have decided to challenge ourselves all in answer to the messages we are sending out each day: God give me strength to endure is a prayerful way we communicate that we are feeling challenged and vulnerable, incapable and unprepared, and that we need help. This message sets into motion the notion that what we want to experience that day is triumph, overcoming odds, reaching the pinnacle, unfaltering faith, physical and emotional endurance, and a payoff or payout for the faith that we have exhibited.

A few days ago the gauntlet was thrown down when I was introduced to the idea that another section for the book I am working on was coming. RESISTANCE!! This keeps happening. Just when I think I have the formula and the book is near completion, along comes another chapter or perspective and I feel like I am starting over again.

Do I sound a little weary? Yes. And not the kind of weary where I am willing to bend. Bending was yesterday’s mission and I did it well, eventually feeling lifted into a new realm of consciousness just by knowing that bending is one option when challenge comes knocking, one that I found a trust for and happily invited.

But today is not about being unable to bend, then willing to bend, then bending, and ultimately blending. Today is about giving up, letting go, trusting faith, and responding to the call. Today I am fortified by yesterday’s success, and I am again willing to be that which I have not been before. I am even anticipatory of the events of the day and do not despair that the writing taking place is not in the book but in this blog.

Today I am armed with the knowledge that yesterday was blissful because I learned I could be unable to bend but willing to and then understanding how to and then grateful for the experience. And tomorrow I will look back on today and be grateful for this day because I let go of weariness and gave up the feeling that I couldn’t. I said okay one more time, letting go, trusting faith, and responding to the call.

The End of Freedom – The Beginning of Invention

Today I had a sinking feeling. It hit me at the core of my being and I knew we had crossed a precipice.

We have lost personal freedom. Today it is done.

In the name of freedom and acquisition we have handed over our ability to protect our privacy to those who would offer it up at any price–not just large amounts but also small even minuscule amounts. We are now open to the highest bidder AND the lowest.

Today marks the beginning of the end of our way of being. The message is not all “dark” for I feel we will find within us our reason to live as a free people and we will triumph as people charged not with disarming a broken system but of inventing a new one that we use to circumnavigate away from the old one. The message is not to declare war on the perpetrators of this injustice–as you and I and all those who have enjoyed newfound freedom via the internet have wholeheartedly contributed our information to this new spy machine freely and without hesitation–but to declare a time of invention. It is time to reinvent the internet. And the new owners must take care not to offer the very same options for choice that the old system offered.

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This system is to be built by many who chose to leave their current employ with large payouts and collectively bargain on behalf of establishing this new system, individuals who currently work as CEO’s and managers of corporate greed machines whose policies have long challenged their ethics and their apocalyptic visions of its intentions. These people will experience an awakening and will find each other.

Governments that sanction and use the old system will fail. Period. They will fail. As their bank accounts are also subject to the open backdoor policy that allows free trading of information and instantaneous access to funds–funds that are no longer tied to a monetary standard measure–they too will be subject to intruders and the coverups associated with such intrusions. They will be so busy no one will notice that the back door is open until it is too late.

I do not wake with these visions of the future often and much of what I have seen has been pre-2012 oriented. I was shown that this would come to be many years ago, and now it is here: money walking out the back door of banks, banks themselves robbing Peter to pay Paul and covering up until they can no longer present an artificial picture that is cohesive to its creditors-you and me. It is going to get hairy out there.

Make no mistake, this is more lethal than a thousand world wars and it can all be over in an instant. Armageddon? It may feel like it, but the pictures I see in my mind offer empty buildings, not collapsed buildings, quiet buildings being consumed by plant growth. This picture reminds me of a recurring dream I had in my twenties or thirties. Here is my dream.

There was a woman standing on the street waiting for a bus. She was not paying attention to her surroundings as they were too familiar and demanded little from her. In an instant she awakened to a new understanding for who she was. An electrical current started to race through her body and lightening bolted from her fingertips. Then she began to simultaneously spin and rise upward like a rocket. When she reached a certain altitude, her trajectory became horizontal and she moved into a flight path circling the earth. Looking downward as she flew, she watched the earth once again return to the Garden of Eden, but this time there were empty buildings in the brush and tall trees that usurped parking lots and eventually shaded the buildings from sight. When she completed her review and knew that it was done, she streaked into the sky to become a second sun that would serve as a reminder to us all of what had been.

Next I saw a woman’s face peaking out of a dark window in one of these buildings. It was daylight and her building was partially shaded by wide tree tops. She was looking out as who she had been before the change, and with her memory in tact. But she was confused and mystified by what had just taken place and what life now was. The memories of the world we had built or allowed to be built were fully in place to all inhabitants. And we sat in the shock of it all, wondering how to create next, what to do next.

The dangers of instant access to a free publishing platform allows me to share this without any filter beyond a feeling that this is an important message for those who are the builders of the future to start their engines. Your moment has come. And I would say one thing to you: freedom is not free. Let each person choose their own way. Your only task is to offer options. 


A New Portable EEG that Measures Brain Activity in Coma Patients

Are coma patients alive? Think again.

This video introduces a portable EEG machine that measures brain activity in coma patients. Awareness in the Vegetative State from Cambridge Brain Sci poses a difficult question of appropriate action related to coma patients who can demonstrate that they can understand commands and language and be responsive in some way while in a vegetative state.




It seems my father, who is 88 years old, no longer hates the Japanese for killing his friends in WWII. I never understood why he was so upset that my auto of choice was a Toyota. The rant about buying American came with each repurchase. But today, while recuperating from a serious operation, he realized that most of those people are probably no longer with us and he was holding an entire nation accountable for actions iniated by a select few many years ago.

This realization seems to have opened a portal to new understanding and a willingness to see himself, as well as the world, with fresh eyes.

Today he woke with a new excitement. He said that he believes–no, is convinced–that we are headed for a world government. He said there is no stopping it, like it is something that he has seen and knows to be true. The borders that distinguish countries are dissolving through trade, the internet, and new technology. And I was astounded as this lover of the old ways talked excitedly about the technology of the future like he was seeing it in his mind right then as we were speaking. He had been captured by insights of what is to come and delivered a picture of what is ahead.

My father has not been my greatest fan. I am a medium and visionary. I channel books. But there he was caught up in the vision of new technology that was beyond anything he could have imagined two weeks ago, and he was jumping out of his skin with excitement. He was seeing past 2012, which was something I have not been able to do. And he was delivered to  an awareness for the reason he is still on earth. His purpose, at least one purpose, for the next part of his life had been revealed. And it felt important and worth being here for.

There is a part of me that wants to put a sci-fi pen in his hand and have him draw the technology he saw, but I know he cannot. He could describe only its lightning speed and magnificence connecting us with space travel in new ways. He saw it all. We live. 2012 be damned.

The first act of his newfound freedom was to envision a future he was excited to be a part of. Did he actively seek to forgive the past or did a new realization for the future present him with a new truth so compelling that the past was cast out? And will his heart be more inclusive in the future because, in the moments of realization, he chose not to hold on but to forgive?

Perhaps there is a timeline on forgiveness so that we continually have new experiences. Our prejudices and emotional barriers create separation from the part of life we cannot understand and serve to narrow the playing field. When we experience realizations for what we formerly misunderstood, we open a part of ourselves that says, “If I am wrong about that, what else could I be wrong about?” And this transformative act requires us to update our idea of who-we-are and what is possible.

Is this really forgiveness? I don’t think so. What we call forward with forgiveness is a release of the negative effects of a long-held belief. Many people can say they will forgive but how many actually achieve the release of the thoughts that catapult us into judgment and blame in the first place? When we talk about forgiveness, I think we are really calling forward a transformation that requires new knowledge to displace old knowledge. That is where the release actually takes place and the old thoughts are neutered or expunged.

As we experience the “forgiveness” that is the result of new awareness–a transformational moment–we soar, we reach new heights in our mind, and we refresh the lifetime on earth with excitement and enthusiasm for the tasks ahead.